Motul Wash & Wax

Dry cleaner - Cleans and shines up plastic parts and paints

Motul Wash & Wax is the dry cleaner for your KART.  Thanks to Motul's exclusive formula,   it cleans and protects kart bodies without water : pods, noses, number panels, & rims.

  1. Easy to use, Motul Wash & Wax wipes clean all surfaces in depth without using rags and water:  removes dirt, mud and other stains.
  2. Enhances body shine and deposits a protective wax film for extended effectiveness.

Spray Motul Wash & Wax directly on the surface to clean.
Scrub with a soft rag, clean and dry.
Easy to use, exists in wipes as well : MOTUL Wash & Wax Wipes.