Motul Chain Lube Road

Very tacky spray
Motul Chain Lube Road is for use on all types of chains : standard and with O-RING, X-RING, Z-RING. It is particularly recommended for very fast karts : MOTUL CHAIN LUBE ROAD adheres to the chain even at very high speeds.


  • Reduces friction and loss of power.
  • Increases chain durability.
  • Water and rust resistant.
  • No action on seals.
  • Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links.

Shake can before using. Apply along the whole length of the inner chain : MOTUL CHAIN LUBE ROAD adheres completely after only a few minutes.

Motul Chain Lube Off Road

Very tacky spray

MOTUL CHAIN LUBE OFF ROAD repels soil and sand.

Motul Chain Lube Off Road is a flourescent yellow color for easier application.

Motul Chain Lube Factory Line

Less friction, more performance

Motul Chain Lube Factory Line is for lubricating racing chains. The BORON TECH formula reduces rolling resistance for a more efficient transmission of power.

Motul Chain Clean

Motul Chain Clean

Super Degreaser

Motul Chain Clean is high powered and O-ring safe. Motul Chain Clean is chlorine free.