Motul Tech Grease 300

Non-fiber Synthetic Blend

Our top of the line grease. Perfect for whell bearings, chains, and pivots. It is water-resistant and withstands high temperatures and extreme pressure. Motul Tech Grease 300 is a lithium based and non-fiber formula.

Motul Air Filter Oil

High-cling oil for foam cartridge air filters

Technically very close to the Motul AIR FILTER SPRAY, this variation is for those racers who prefer immersing their foam filter in liquid oil.

Contains an adhesive oil for foam air filters, MOTUL AIR FILTER OIL protects engines by effectively containing sand, mud and dust. By preventing water from entering the filters MOTUL AIR FILTER OIL reinforces the effectiveness of your air filter.

Motul Brake Clean

Super powerful non-chlorinated degreaser for brakes, the mechanical system and electrics Spray

Dissolves grease, oil and tar. Leaves no marks. No need to rub. Motul brake clean evaporates very quickly and leaves no marks.

Shake can before use.
Spray from a short distance on the area to be cleaned.
Respray on very dirty areas. Motul Brake Clean evaporates very quickly.

Motul Motowash

Concentrated cleaner for karts - Biodegradable

A powerful Motul cleaner for the whole kart.
Use on all surfaces : Plastic, synthetic fabrics, varnish, paintwork, metal...


  • Efficiently removes all traces of dust, grease, soil and brake pad residue...
  • Dries evenly.
  • Leaves a dry anti-corrosion film.
  • Protects varnish and paintwork.
    Biodegradable and environment friendly.

Motul Wash & Wax

Dry cleaner - Cleans and shines up plastic parts and paints

Motul Wash & Wax is the dry cleaner for your KART.  Thanks to Motul's exclusive formula,   it cleans and protects kart bodies without water : pods, noses, number panels, & rims.

  1. Easy to use, Motul Wash & Wax wipes clean all surfaces in depth without using rags and water:  removes dirt, mud and other stains.
  2. Enhances body shine and deposits a protective wax film for extended effectiveness.

Spray Motul Wash & Wax directly on the surface to clean.
Scrub with a soft rag, clean and dry.
Easy to use, exists in wipes as well : MOTUL Wash & Wax Wipes.

Motul Shine & Go

Silicon clean


A Motul silicon based spray that restores the beautiful luster of plastics, paints and varnish, while laying down a dry film of protection. Once applied the film prevents dust and dirt from sticking to surfaces. The effort needed to clean the kart again is dramatically reduced.